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Having a sick day. #ew
Sep 13, 2014

Having a sick day. #ew

May 14, 2013 / 2 notes

Fruit of the Loom

So today at Old Navy I was working in the little processing room by the fitting rooms.

This is where I fold all the clothes that people have either tried on or have ended up by the registers via returns or people changing their mind about an item.

Basically I fold everything or hang it the right way, zip the zippers, button the bottons, etc.

I finally reach the bottom of the bin that was super full when I started my shift and see my last item is a single pair of boxers. I think, ok no big, some of our boxers clearly just became unpackaged through some hustle and bustle in the store, whatevs.

So I reach into the bin and grab them, but while I’m pulling them out I realize they say “Fruit of the Loom” inside.

These are not Old Navy underwear.

These are underwear someone left in our store.

I am holding someone’s used, dirty underwear.

Oh. My. God.

And then the frantic search for sanitizer began…